Stock exchange

Your gateway to the capital market in Europe

Stage 1: Planning and preparation
– Choose VALOREM advisors
– Choose an investment bank;
– Establish legitimate structures within the company;
– Establish internal control and reporting systems;
– Provide documentation requested by the government and the supervisory department;
– Develop IPO strategies;
– Develop operational plans.

 Stage 2: Structure design
– Develop an IPO timetable;
– Consider IPO plans;
– Due diligence in finance, operations and legal issues;
– Prepare the prospectus which is in line with European Union regulations.

 Stage 3: Realization and marketing
– Prepare events for establishing relationships with investors;
– Pre-marketing to investors and analysts;
– Publish the prospectus which is in line with European Union regulations;
– Publish a research report;
– Apply for stock transaction;
– Prepare for stock trusteeship and settlement.

 Stage 4: First-day transaction and ongoing transactions
– Determine the IPO stock price and initiate transactions;
– IPO stock price auction;
– VALOREM organizes an IPO event at the hall of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; the IPO will be broadcast on TV;
– Trading on the electronic transaction platform, Xetra.